What is eye black “grease”?

Athletes have regularly applied a black substance under their eyes since 1942. It dates back as far as to Babe Ruth.  What was once rumored as burnt cork ash became shoe polish, and is now a mixture of beeswax, paraffin and carbon, in stick or pot form.  There has been no formula innovation until now.  

Why is WARRIORBLACK the best on the market?

Specifically formulated to address use application and consumer experience, WARRIORBLACK contains ingredients that allow an easy-on glide and long-wearing stability, a cooling effect, skin conditioning properties, and energy infusion.  This proprietary blend will revolutionize WARRIORBLACK from all competitors’ basic formulation.

Why use an antiglare product?

Because it works!  While the first 50 years of usage were accepted on faith, the evolution of eye black has prompted a few studies to quantify whether the hypothetical advantage may have since increased or decreased above its preexisting unknown level. In 2003 the DeBroff study, which was published in the Archives of Ophthalmology, compares grease to stickers, to petroleum jelly (essentially grease with no pigment), and to the unadulterated epidermis (nothing at all).  DeBroff found a significant increase in contrast sensitivity for subjects wearing the eye black grease. The more modern stickers showed no ability to provide anti-glare benefits. DeBroff's study had 46 subjects placed in unobstructed sunlight reading letters off the Pelli-Robinson contrast sensitivity chart. DeBroff's data showed that participants with the grease could read an entire line lower than those wearing stickers or nothing at all.

Where is the product made?

Everything, from the packaging to the formula, is made in the USA.

Does it stain?

Although it does not contain ingredients that have staining properties, this product has been developed to wear longer and remain blended unlike the competition.  Due to the excellent performance, it does require soap and warm water to remove from the skin, and for ease in removal WARRIORBLACK will be launching an exfoliating Face Wash in the near future.  In the interim, using your favorite cleanser will do. WARRIORBLACK does not recommend wiping it on clothing, although we have successfully removed the product from various articles it was not developed to be used in this way.

What am I putting on my face?

Menthol, Caffeine, Aloe, Iron Oxide, Oil, Vitamin E & Wax, and a few other binders, skin conditioners and agents to improve the performance of the product.  We wanted to create a product that not only worked as an antiglare, but also promoted skin health too.